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An alarm system will protect the valuables inside your parked vehicle. Nothing is guaranteed to get curtains twitching and immediate attention more than an activated alarm system. You would be hard pressed to find a thief whose nerves wouldn’t be put on edge after being subjected to an ear-piercing 110 decibel alarm.
Alarm systems for every type of requirement

With an alarm supplied and professionally fitted by a Phantom installer you can be assured of a quality product, which holds a nationwide fitting guarantee and has the added benefit of attracting insurance discounts.

We provide all of our alarms with your security in mind and include sophisticated features such as:

  • Internal PIR sensors for tilt motion and steady vibration detection in caravans
  • External locker sensors – magnetic door and window contacts in motor homes
  • Backup batteries
  • Panic alarm
  • Remote key fobs for ease of use.

View our Brochure on our Can Bus Alarm System here

Other Alarm Systems are available please ring for details.