Fleet Tracking, GPS Tracking, Mileage Capture Systems, ECU Remapping
Business Savings Fleet Tracking
Phantom remapped our service vans as well as company cars and the IVECO tractor unit. Our vans drive smoother, which has led to less wear and tear on our vehicles and fuel figures are up! We have gained an extra 10% around about 3 miles extra per gallon on average. Money well spent we think
Director Forkway Group
Regarding the trackers you fitted last month, they have done the job we wanted them to do and they are working fine. We now have no problems with people booking hours they have not worked or unauthorised journeys.
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If your business is dependent on its vehicles for success, you want to make sure they are available for use at all times as well as operating at peak performance. Phantom offer a complete range of accessories and solutions that have been specifically designed to monitor and improve business on the road.

Our fleet tracking system can be bespokely adapted to your needs.
If you have an individual requirement for your fleet then we will work with you to find a solution.

Needing to save money on your fleets fuel our ECU remapping has successfully saved companies and even single drivers hundreds of pounds a month on fuel, and added overall better performance.

Our tracking system and alarm systems can be used in conjunction to guard your food van, tractor, or piece of farm or plant machinery meaning your business or investment is safe from theft.

And our selection of cameras can keep you aware of everything around you on the move or while you are attempt to park your 32 tonner.

At Phantom we have the road covered…