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Every minute of every day we are reminded on daytime television that “wherever there’s blame, there’s a claim”. Criminals know this is the case, and take full advantage of it. That is why it is important to protect not only yourself in the event of an ‘accident’, but also your assets, with an in-cab camera. Why? Well, with the rise in crash for cash/flash for cash scams, you could be their next target.

Crash for cash criminals work in organised gangs. The concept behind this scam is that they will purposely cause a car crash, making it look like your fault. In some cases, you may even feel it was your fault.

Going back a few years, there were over 30,000 cases of staged accidents, which cost UK insurers around £35,000,000 and UK policyholders an increase of around £44 per annum.

With our forward facing in-car cameras, however, you will have the proof you need in such circumstances. This will help to prove your innocence to your insurance company, as well as to protect your no claims bonus.

Warning over ‘flash for cash’ scam on BBC Website

So, how do our crash for cash scam cameras work?

Well, the in-car camera system is first attached to your vehicle’s windscreen using the mount provided. Then, a cable is connected to your 12v accessory socket. The cable can either run around the vehicle with the clips provided or we can install the camera professionally. This will hide the cables and be hardwired into a power supply, to free up your 12v accessory socket. At an additional cost, you can also have a second camera installed in the system that will monitor the inside of the vehicle, or even behind the vehicle, for extra security.

As well as storing a continuous stream of high-quality video footage on its removable SD card, once powered, the camera also captures other data such as:



  • Time and Date
  • Location (accurate up to 5m)
  • Speed
  • 3D G-Sensor to detect G-force, impact, acceleration and braking


The video footage can then be reviewed on your own computer with the software we, as a company, provide.

PrintIf you are a business, then you need to display that you are filming with your camera. We provide these stickers if you are buying a camera for your business or taxi. For more information on the best dash cam, please get in touch today. As in-car CCTV needs can vary depending on your work lifestyle, we can give advice as to which product would be best for you, at an affordable cost. More on having cameras on-board

Call us for more information, products and costs can very depending on your needs.