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Personnel / asset tracking

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Personnel and small asset tracking

The Phantom Sentinel is the smallest of our tracking devices and works perfectly for tracking small assets and people. It can be used for asset protection, lone workers, domestic violence victims, celebrities, the elderly and infirm, police forces, armed forces and the health service. It has the following features:

  • SOS/Panic Button
  • GeoFence Alerts
  • Battery lasts up to 4 days
  • Man Down report
  • Tracking Reports

For assets, the Sentinel can be either attached to or hidden inside the asset or its display case. From here we can monitor the device on a daily basis and send reports to the stores to let you know the status of the tracking device. In the event of theft we can track the assets as they move, producing detailed journeys logs which assist in recovering stolen goods and also convicting criminals.

For personnel protection, our tracking system is currently being used by police forces across the UK to protect people who are threatened by domestic violence and people under the witness protection program. When carrying the Sentinel device, after activating the SOS/panic button our 24-hour control centre contacts the selected liaison and the police are dispatched immediately to the exact location. This gives the user security and confidence that they are being protected wherever they are.

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