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Engine Remapping

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remapThe majority of vehicle engines are most likely not working to their full potential. This is because manufacturers have to be able to sell the same vehicle to different countries, which may have completely different climates, vehicle emission regulations and fuel quality.

So, to save money manufacturers produce identical engines that give a higher power output in the higher specification models with just a simple change to the engine’s software. Nearly all manufacturers offer a remapping service themselves, but at a greatly inflated price.To maximise a vehicle’s engine potential we offer a Quantum Remap. This service enhances and optimises the engine’s parameters within safe limits, giving an increase in performance and efficiency based on typical driving conditions in the UK and Western Europe.

Suitable for all types of vehicle from cars to trucks, by remapping you will immediately see an improvement in power of between 15 and 30%. You will also notice more torque, making it easier to pull up steep inclines and more power to tow heavy loads. But, above all you will use less fuel, up to 10% less, which depending on your fleet’s mileage could be a saving of thousands of pounds a year.

Insurance companies view remapping as an enhancement to the vehicle rather than trying to change its character. Phantom have had no problems with all the many remappings we have carried out

If you want a fleet of vehicles remapping or more than one please call for a price.

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