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With the cost of accidents rising all the time, what can seem the straightforward task of reversing your vehicle can be extremely expensive if a mistake is made!

Phantom offer a wide selection of reversing sensors and cameras especially suited to larger cars, vans, lorries, caravans and motor homes.

Parking sensors

beep_and_park_keeper_hazard-smallPhantom Parking sensors are rear obstacle detection systems, which utilise ultrasonic technology to help drivers reverse more safely. They are equipped with either one or two pairs of sensors which beam an ultrasonic (sound) signal. The sensors both transmit and receive signals and warn of possible obstacles.

Reversing cameras

tilt-camera-tinyPhantom Reversing Cameras have a high resolution parking sensor that uses sound and visual digital technology to detect a vehicle’s position. These parking sensors connect to a small TFT LCD monitor (TV) where your rear view mirror would be and let you view the position of the rear of your vehicle.


In-Car Cameras (crash for cash cameras) Taxi/HGV cab cameras
CamfrontwebPhantom In-car cameras contain GPS and GSENSOR technology and record car accidents, and monitor driver response. They can be set to record accidents 15 seconds before and 15 seconds after impact (or video can be continually recorded throughout the journey) sudden movement or impact is detected by the GSENSOR. Videos are stored on an SD card and can be viewed by software on a computer when the vehicle returns from its Journey.

Phantom In-car cameras can also be used in other vehicles such as taxis, lorries, tractors and large plant and construction to help prevent false insurance claims

Both our sensors and cameras can be easily fitted by our professional fitters here at Phantom and as always come with our nationwide guarantee.

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