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Fancy a great deal on caravan insurance?

We know that a lot of our customers are caravan owners. You deserve a favour in return, so we’ve put you in direct contact with a specialist insurance provider to save your cash. You can get a quote in seconds with no obligation.

Compare the insurance market to get your low caravan insurance premium
We’re all being told to cut costs by comparing prices for everything, from broadband to bank accounts. Caravan insurance is no different, but getting quotes from a load of different companies can be a real pain. But now you can just enter a few details about you and your caravan here and you’ll quickly and automatically get quotes from all the biggest players in the caravan insurance market. You can adjust different things, like the excess you’re prepared to pay, then choose the best premium.

Why not get a quote now?

Choose the right caravan insurance for you
Of course you want to make sure your caravan is protected against fire, theft and other damage. But there’s a lot more to carvan insurance than that. Think about cover for accessories like awnings, contents or perhaps emergency removal cover in case your caravan becomes unusable.

How about loss of use?

This will get you alternative accommodation if your holiday is interrupted by a problem with your caravan. You can reduce your premium by having a Phantom® Tracker fitted to your caravan. Being a member of a recognised caravan club or taking a towing course will lower your premium too.

When ringing an external Insurance company explaining you have a tracker fitted will enable them to offer the discount on your insurance.