What to check before going on the road with your caravan

It is vital that before you take your caravan on the road you ensure that is legal and compliant. While there are many things to check, we highlight a few below but stress that this list is not exhaustive. Tyres Firstly, let’s start with tyres. These are probably the most important parts of the caravan [...]

Understanding your battery

 The leisure battery in your caravan or motor home does the same job as that in your car, but in a slightly different way. Your car battery needs to provide a large burst of power to get the engine started and this is then followed by long periods of charging. A leisure battery spends long [...]

Towing the caravan and the law

When you are towing a caravan there are certain legal requirements that must be met. Firstly, let’s start with what your driving licence entitles you to tow. Generally, the longer you have held your licence, the less restrictions there are. If you passed your test before 1 January 1997 you are entitled to drive a [...]

What to do after a motorhome or caravan accident

I know it is something that you don’t really want to think about, but it is important to be ready for what you need to do, should you be in an accident in the future. The Institute of Advanced Motorists gives some good advice on what you should be prepared for following an accident. The first thing is, [...]

Getting your caravan ready for winter

Caravan Accessories, caravan storage, caravan winter, Caravan Winterisation, caravanning, how to put your caravan to bed for winter, Winter caravan Now that the clocks have gone back and the thermometer has tumbled only the hardiest will be still be planning to use their caravan. Before you put it into hibernation though there are a number of tasks that should be carried [...]

What to look out for when buying a vehicle tracking system

Caravan Accessories, Caravan security, Caravan tracking system, Motorhome Accessories, motorhome safety, Motorhome security, Motorhome tracking systems, Tracking for my motorhome, Tracking for your Motorhome,Tracking system for my caravan So, you’ve decided to protect your valuable caravan or motor home with a tracking device but you are not sure what to buy or which company to buy it from? This article will give you [...]

Tracker Helps Uncover Stolen Digger

Lancashire Police located a stolen mini digger under an hour, thanks to a tracking device that was fitted to it. The mini Hitachi digger was thought to be in the excess of £20,000 and was uncovered on a trailer in Blackburn. The Police found the digger and once recovered it was back with its rightful [...]

Stop That Vehicle

It’s never nice having something of yours stolen, and the same applies with a truck or a van. Imagine waking up in the morning, drawing back the curtains and finding that your van has disappeared. We can’t prevent your van or truck from being stolen but what we can do is allow you to find [...]

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