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A quick guide to tracking systems

A quick guide to tracking systems With the cost of an average caravan or motorhome in excess of £20,000 it makes sense to do everything possible to protect such a significant investment. Whilst wheel locks and alarms do provide some deterrent, the fact is that a determined thief will only be slowed up by such [...]

Caravan insurance and how to reduce your premiums

Caravan insurance and how to reduce your premiums When you buy your caravan, you do not, by law, have to take out a separate insurance premium for it. You need to inform your car insurer if you have fitted a tow bar and if you intend to tow a caravan. Then, although your car insurance [...]

Record Recoveries… 14min to stop theft

January seems to be a big month this year for caravan theft, we have had a few recoveries. This seems to be a record 15 minutes recovery time. This customer stopped off at a road side services to use the toilet when they uncoupled the caravan from his 4×4 and towed it away. 12.15 owner [...]

The Blues & Phantom stop January theft and misery.

The value of a modern caravan makes it an attractive proposition for a thief. This is further increased by the fact that it is left unattended for long periods of time. These two factors have led to an increase in the number of caravan thefts, estimated to be 1,200 in 2014 by the camping and [...]

Have-a-go-hero foils caravan thieves thanks to Phantom Tracker

by Dan Hughes Fast response from Phantom Tracker HQ helps stop thieves in their tracks Two caravan thieves were literally stopped in their tracks during an attempted caravan robbery last weekend (16 November), thanks to a Phantom Tracker and a quick response from the police. And, in a story you couldn’t even begin to make up, the caravan’s [...]

Most popular way to keep your caravan safe revealed

Friday, 19, Sep 2014 02:40 by Jo Subramaniam GPS tracking system Phantom comes out on top in the UK for keeping your caravan safe Keep bandits away with the Phantom. You’re thinking of two kinds of Phantom, aren’t you? One’s a superhero and the other one is the best GPS tracking system in the UK, according [...]

PHANTOM WIN 2014 Caravan Security Device Survey

2014 Caravan Security Device Survey With around 600 caravans stolen in 2013 in the UK alone, it’s no surprise that security devices are high on the priority list for caravan owners. Hitch locks and wheel clamps are now regularly stated as minimum requirements by many insurers for unattended caravans and motorhomes, and many owners are [...]

New Pro 3

Pro 3 App Phantom have launched an App currently on the android system but soon to be available on iPhone and iPad, to access this app you need to have a Pro3 unit. On this new App you can login to see your vehicles position anywhere you are and access the Battery power information and [...]

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