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Engine Remapping / ECU Remapping


Did you know that the majority of vehicle engines are most likely not working to their full potential?

Manufacturers have to be able to sell the same vehicle to different countries, which may have completely different climates, vehicle emission regulations and fuel quality. To save money manufacturers also produce identical engines that give a higher power output in the higher specification models with just a simple change to the engine’s software.

Maximise your engine’s potential

To maximise your vehicle’s engine potential we offer a Quantum Remap. This service enhances and optimises the engine’s parameters within safe limits, giving an increase in performance and efficiency based on typical driving conditions in the UK and Western Europe.

With it you can expect:

A power increase of between 15-30%
Fuel savings of up to 10%

Our experienced Phantom engine remapping engineers ensure that you can get the most out of your vehicle’s engine and like all our services is backed by our nationwide guarantee. 

Don’t swap your tow car – chip it!


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