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What is a Remap

What is a Remap/Chipping

remapManufacturers generally sell vehicles that cover various markets, with the ability to work in a variety of conditions. With different tax and emissions regulations, different climates with extremes of heat, cold, humidity and the capacity to maintain reliability on the worst fuels means that the vehicles engine is not working to it’s potential.

By connecting into the vehicles ECU we can easily change the fueling parameters which will enhance and optimise the engine within safe limits, giving an increase in performance and efficiency based on typical driving conditions in the UK and Western Europe.

On turbo petrol and diesel engines you can expect to see an increase in performance around 15%-30% and a decrease in fuel consumption upto 6-12%

Reduce your Annual Fuel Cost

With a Quantum Remap we expect a minimum increase of 0.5mpg on a typical 7mpg Tractor Unit. This would Save £5,473 on your annual fuel costs, easily recovering the price of installation in weeks!!

2000 Miles pw at 7mpg @ £120.4p* per litre of Diesel would cost £1,563.86

2000 Miles pw at 7.5mpg @ £120.4p* per litre of Diesel would cost £1,459.60

Saving £52.13 per 1000 miles.

Annually a Quantum Remap would Save you £5,473.65

*Fuel cost is based on the average UK Diesel price as of April 2010 pw = Per Week

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