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Record Recoveries… 14min to stop theft
January seems to be a big month this year for caravan theft, we have had a few recoveries. This seems... .. more

The Blues & Phantom stop January theft and misery.
The value of a modern caravan makes it an attractive proposition for a thief. This is further increased by the... .. more

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Phantom offers a comprehensive range of leisure and business tracking and monitoring services that will protect, enhance and increase your enjoyment of your vehicle.

From complete GPS tracking and security packages through to engine (ECU) remapping, tyre protector, alarms and hands free kits – all our products can be installed in caravans, motorhomes, cars, trucks and business fleet vehicles.

Our specialist mobile satellite team can assist you in the purchase of the correct satellite dish. Allowing you to recieve all your faviroute TV programs while travelling across Europe. Not only do we offer national custom-fitting vehicle service, we can even bespoke our GPS monitoring and tracking software to meet your individual and business requirements.

So why not take advantage of our nationwide fitting service to protect and enhance your vehicle today.